"We started with seven school girls in a wooden shed in Cite Soliel. Now, we offer lessons to young ladies throughout an entire neighborhood. Each class is another bonding session. Crochet is an alternative to less productive activities and a potential source of income. It is our goal to produce a products which  inspire, honor and empower women from production to purchase."

-Sahadia Auguste



100% Haitian Handmade Garments 


Enabling first steps of financial independence for young Haitian women through skill development and management trainning

A Cause with

 S T Y L E

When you buy bèlblaq, you are promoting our cause: the empowerment and education of our employees. 


Our customers are satisfied knowing that their purchase contributes to the support of hard working members of the Haitian community.


10% of all profits will be donated to the continuation of youth centered community programs of BisouBisouHaiti